When you place your callers on hold, what do they hear?

     Static-filled music from a radio that also plays commercials...

     A tape or CD that you always have to restart...

     Tones or even worse... NOTHING?


Since 1997, Spectrum Telesys has teamed up with Info-Chip Communications to bring you Professional On-Hold Productions


Info-Chip's creative copywriters, voice talent, and production engineers work together to ensure a quality product and quick, professional service. They will take care of everything from scriptwriting to developing a production specifically for your business.  All you need to do is choose the voices you like and music from their extensive library, and supply them with a few script ideas.  Their creative production staff does the rest... with input and approval from you, of course!


Your productions can talk about:


  ~  products & services

  ~  frequently asked questions

  ~  helpful tips or information

  ~  special promotions

  ~  company details (i.e. office hours, location, website)

  ~  trivia about your company or industry (this helps lighten-up the customer)

  ~  or simple, generic greetings

  ~  whatever you feel is best for your company and clients


Call us today and let us change what you let your customers hear!


On hold facts:


Every day, millions of phone calls are made and received.  Just think of the amount of calls in and out of your office.  Although we try to get to everyone, some calls need to be placed on hold.  In fact, here are some interesting statistics from AT&T and Teleconnect Magazine:

  • 70% of all your calls will be placed on hold.
  • 52% of those calls will be left on hold for over 1 minute.
  • Of those calls left on hold for longer than a minute, 60% hang up before someone has a chance to answer the line.
  • Of those who hang up, 30% will NOT CALL BACK.
  • 88% of all callers prefer custom messages on hold over all other on-hold options (this includes the radio).

If your business is open 5 days a week, eight hours a day and you put just 2 calls on hold per hour, that's putting 4,160 calls on hold a year.  What if you could gain an additional average of just 50 cents in revenue from each of those on-hold calls?  That comes out to over $2,000.00 per year.  Imagine if you put 10 to 20 calls on hold per hour!  Companies invest thousands to millions of dollars on advertising and marketing, yet they overlook this incredible marketing tool… the “On-Hold” opportunity.

By giving your clients information about your company while they wait, you increase your sales!